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What Kind of Dentures Do I Need?

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Navigating the world of dentures can be a tad overwhelming, especially with the array of choices available. We understand this dilemma and aim to guide you toward the best solution tailored to your unique needs. So, let’s break down the factors that come into play when determining the right type of dentures for you.

Extent of Tooth Loss:

The first aspect to consider is how many teeth you’re missing. Complete or full dentures are the way to go if you’ve lost all your teeth in either the upper or lower jaw (or both). If you still retain some of your natural teeth, partial dentures would be more appropriate to fill in the gaps.

Bone Health:

The health of your jawbone plays a role in determining the type of dentures you can opt for. Some people might be good candidates for implant-supported dentures if their bone structure is robust, offering greater stability than traditional dentures.

Aesthetics and Function:

Today’s dentures are not just functional; they’re designed to mimic natural teeth’ appearance closely. Therefore, consider how you want your new teeth to look and feel. Some dentures offer more natural gum colors or tooth shapes than others.


While we never compromise on quality, we understand that budget plays a role in decision-making. Traditional dentures are typically more affordable than implant-supported ones, but the latter may offer better long-term benefits.

Lifestyle and Comfort:

Your daily activities, dietary preferences, and comfort requirements also influence the type of dentures best suited for you. For those leading an active lifestyle or frequently giving public speeches, stability might be a priority.

It’s essential to have a detailed consultation with a denture professional who can assess your oral health and understand your requirements. Only then can an informed decision be made on the perfect fit for your mouth.

Contact us today! Cain Denture Centers is excited to talk with you and schedule your free consultation. We’ll go over all your options and make sure that together we create the denture plan that’s right for you.

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