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The Benefits of Conventional Dentures

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Dentures have been in use since as early as 700 BC, and while their design and materials have drastically evolved, their purpose remains the same – to replace lost or missing teeth. Today, conventional dentures offer an affordable and reliable solution to tooth loss, benefitting millions of people worldwide.

Conventional or complete dentures are prosthetic devices that replace all teeth in the upper or lower jaw or both. They are removable and typically made of acrylic resin and porcelain or metal for the “teeth.” But what are the pros and cons of these often-chosen dental prosthetics? Let’s delve into the advantages and disadvantages of conventional dentures and explore how modern dentistry is overcoming these limitations with implant dentures.

Advantages of Conventional Dentures

  1. Restore Your Smile

Conventional dentures offer an immediate aesthetic solution for individuals who have lost their natural teeth. They fill out the appearance of the mouth and face, and their likeness to natural teeth often makes them indistinguishable to others. They can be tailored to match the original teeth’s size, shape, and color or even improve upon the appearance of the patient’s original teeth.

  1. Improved Chewing and Speaking Ability

Tooth loss can significantly impact an individual’s ability to chew certain foods and articulate certain words clearly. Dentures can restore much of this lost function. According to a study in the Journal of Oral Rehabilitation, patients with conventional dentures significantly improved masticatory performance and speech intelligibility.

  1. Supporting Facial Muscles

Missing teeth can lead to the sagging of facial muscles, causing a person to appear older. Dentures can help support the facial structure, keeping muscles from sagging and maintaining the face’s overall appearance.

Disadvantages of Conventional Dentures

  1. Discomfort and Awkwardness

New denture wearers often describe the feeling as bulky or awkward. There can be a period of adjustment as they get used to having the prosthetic in their mouth.

  1. Gagging, Sore Spots, and Irritation

In some instances, wearing dentures can cause gagging, particularly if the dentures extend too far back into the mouth. They can also cause sore spots and irritation, particularly if they do not fit well.

  1. Dentures that Slip and Fit Issues

Conventional dentures rely on suction and sometimes adhesives to stay in place. Over time, the shape of the gums and jaw can change, leading to fit issues. Dentures may slip or click during eating or speaking, which can be uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Overcoming Conventional Denture Disadvantages with Implant Dentures

  1. More Comfortable and Natural Feeling

Implant-supported dentures, or overdentures, are a modern solution to some of the challenges posed by conventional dentures. They are anchored to dental implants, providing a secure fit and a more comfortable and natural feeling. Patients report a significant improvement in comfort and functionality compared to conventional dentures.

  1. Lighter and Less Bulky

Implant dentures tend to be less bulky than conventional dentures, which can improve comfort and speech. Also, because they’re anchored in place, there’s no need for the palate to be covered, reducing the gag reflex.

  1. No Slippage

One of the significant advantages of implant dentures is that they don’t slip or move. This provides confidence in social situations and improves the ability to eat a wider range of foods.

Bottom Line

While conventional dentures have their challenges, they have provided millions of individuals with a functional and aesthetic solution to tooth loss. Moreover, with advances in dental technology, implant-supported dentures offer an innovative solution to the disadvantages associated with conventional dentures, providing an even more comfortable, secure, and natural-feeling alternative.

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