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Is It Possible to Get Dentures That Fit on Implants?

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Many Patients Want to Know if They Qualify for Implant-Supported Dentures

Since they have less bone structure to anchor the dentures to. When gum disease advances, it becomes less likely that implants can be used to secure dentures as a therapy option. To increase the amount of bone for implants to be inserted into, bone grafting may be necessary if you’ve experienced significant bone loss.

Implants can only be successfully placed in patients with healthy gums and bones. Dental implants can be lost to peri-implantitis, a type of gum disease if you have severe gum disease and have been dealing with it for a long period. Your implants will fail the same way as your natural teeth if you don’t make the lifestyle changes necessary to keep them healthy, such as quitting smoking and adopting a new dental hygiene regimen.

Will Gum Disease Be Stopped by New Dentures?

Assuming a tooth is removed, does gum disease then disappear? The best course of action for a loose tooth is to have it extracted. Removal of the teeth does not cure gum disease. If periodontitis is not treated, it will spread to additional teeth, eventually leading to tooth loss.

Is there a cure for gum disease, or would dentures prevent it? Diseases of the gums can’t develop if there are no teeth or dental implants in the jaw. For long-term, untreated periodontitis, tooth extraction is the best option. Removing all of a patient’s teeth who have advanced gum disease and dentures can not only stop the disease in its tracks but will also improve underlying systemic conditions like diabetes.

Taking Care of Your Gums After Getting Dentures

Even if you have lost all of your teeth, you still need to take care of your gums. Dentures rely on the gums for stability, so their care is essential to good dental care and chewing. Healthy gums require two things: mental stimulation and adequate airflow. The healing properties of the mouth’s natural moisture and air are maximized when dentures are removed at night. You can increase blood flow to the tongue and gums by brushing them and massaging them with a soft-bristled toothbrush or washcloth daily. Another advantage of this action is that it eliminates the bacteria that result in foul breath.

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