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Tips for Maintaining Oral Health with Dentures

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Many patients are surprised to know that their dentures require the same level of care as their natural teeth. There are several things denture users need to keep an eye on, such as their jaw health. It’s because germs may quickly form ulcers on your gums, making dentures exceedingly unpleasant if you don’t take care of them. We’ve put up this guide to help those who have never worn dentures before and aren’t sure how to care for them appropriately.

Tips For Maintaining Oral Health with Dentures

Even if dentures aren’t natural teeth and can’t decay, they must be well maintained to avoid oral hygiene problems. Maintaining proper dental hygiene while wearing dentures is made easier with these tips:

1.    Regular brushing of your dentures

Dentures, just like natural teeth, need to be cleaned regularly. This can help plaque and bacteria from building up and causing stains. Dentures should not be cleaned with toothpaste or brushes with harsh bristles since this might harm them. Instead, use a soft-bristle brush and a nonabrasive denture cleaner to gently brush your dentures. Be careful not to bend the attachments or harm the plastic.

2.    Put your dentures in a solution overnight

When it comes to denture care, leaving them out while you sleep is one of the most crucial suggestions to keep your mouth healthy. It’s because wearing dentures at night increases saliva production, making your mouth a perfect breeding ground for germs and disease. Sores and infections can be caused by the dentures constantly rubbing against your gums. Because of the frequent rubbing, bacteria brought on by dentures can swiftly progress to stomatitis, gum disease, or even pneumonia. You could notice an undesirable alteration in your appearance or find yourself in need of new dentures more frequently.

3.    Every time you eat, rinse your dentures with warm water

After eating, a brief rinse is just as vital as brushing your dentures regularly. You can do this as often as you like, but you can’t always do it while you’re away from home. A fast rinse helps to prevent bacteria and stains from accumulating on your dentures. This also helps you also avoid food from being caught between your gums. You may get gum disease if you fail to remove food that becomes lodged between the teeth and the gum line. Brushing and cleaning your dentures daily will help them last longer. The plastic might distort if you use hot water, so be careful.

4.    Take care of your entire mouth

If you have partial dentures, you may want to take care of your remaining teeth as much as possible. Remember to also pay attention to your gums. We recommend that you should massage your gums daily to encourage blood flow and reduce any discomfort. Talk to us at Cain Denture Centers about denture adhesives, or check whether it’s time for a new fit if your dentures are getting uncomfortable.

5.    You should do frequent dental check-ups

Visiting us regularly is one of the best ways to keep your mouth healthy. When you’re just starting out wearing dentures, you’ll likely want to come into the office every few weeks to check that everything is fitting properly. Once your mouth adjusts to the dentures, this may be increased to just twice a year.

We hope you found this information helpful and understand that even if you wear dentures, it is still necessary to maintain good dental hygiene. Don’t be afraid to ask for suggestions on how to care for your dentures so that they don’t become damaged at your next appointment. If you just got dentures for the first time, you may be unsure about how to keep your mouth healthy. Contact us at Cain Denture Centers if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment. Call us today at (503) 640-2312.

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