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Cain Denture Centers Team - Robert Cain, Maddy Cain
Cain Denture Centers - Robert Cain, Licensed Denturist

Robert Cain, LD
Licensed Denturist

Robert Cain has lived, worked and played in the Portland metro area since 1977. Starting his first clinic after he was licensed as a denturist in 1981, he and his wife raised their two daughters in SE Portland.

Spending his youth in Roseburg Oregon, he and his kid brother spent their days fishing, hunting and swimming in the river. Both boys worked early on in their father’s dental lab, pouring plaster models, delivering cases to dental offices and working with dental waxes. After attending Oregon State University, Robert became a licensed denturist and worked for Meridian Oral Implants prior to establishing his own clinic in 1981. In 1993, Robert purchased the Hillsboro Denture Clinic, recently changing the name to the Cain Denture Center as his daughter, Maddy, has joined the practice. In the case of the Cain family, denturism has been a family legacy as well as a passion!

Throughout Robert’s career, he has been driven to craft the best functioning dentures for his patients. “Denture patients can suffer from several problems, it’s my goal to identify each of these areas and fix them properly so they can eat, speak, smile and laugh without having to worry about their denture’s failing them.”

Robert Cain, LD has a solid reputation within the Portland Metro reaching as far as the Northern Coast. Working 40 years in the industry, Robert works with several well-established dentists and oral surgeons regarding denture care. Robert’s biggest reward is to witness the transformation that happens in a patient’s life once they’re denture problems have been solved and they get a piece of their life back!

Today, Robert and his wife enjoy escaping to the Northern Oregon Coast to surf fish, enjoy nature walks and admire a sunset on the beach!

Cain Denture Centers - Maddy Cain, Licensed Denturist

Maddy Cain, LD
Licensed Denturist

Maddy Cain, Licensed Denturist, is an Oregon native, born and raised in SE Portland. Maddy spent her early years trolling for books at her local library, listening to classic rock & performing on stage with local theater groups. Following in the footsteps of her father and grandfather, Maddy earned an associates degree of applied science in dental lab technology, followed by a licensure to practice denturism in 2020. Today she works with her father Robert Cain as a provider at the Cain Denture Center in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Maddy was attracted to the field of denturism as it represents a blend of science and artistry. She enjoys interacting with her patients in the clinic as well as her time spent in the dental lab fabricating their dentures. “Working with my hands has always appealed to my artistic side, and making patients feel comfortable and confident with their new smiles brings me great joy. As a licensed denturist, I am committed to providing my patients with the best fitting dentures that look nature and make them feel like themselves again.”

Maddy lives with her husband and cats in Hillsboro, Oregon. They enjoy experiencing the rich agritourism of the Pacific Northwest and frequently visit the North Oregon Coast. Nature walks and discovering authentic cuisine is how they enjoy spending time together.

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