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Immediate Dentures

Adjusting to Immediate Dentures: What to Expect

It’s a life-changing decision to have teeth extracted and get dentures for the first time. And everyone has a unique reaction to it. Losing a tooth often brings on a range of feelings. Losing one’s teeth can be a poignant symbol of aging or grief for certain people. Some people look at it as a chance to start over and finally get rid of that nagging toothache or that crooked smile once and for all. Anxiety about what lies ahead on your journey is just one of many feelings you’ll experience.

People often put off dental care because they still need to determine what to expect. The great thing about instant dentures is that they save you or your loved one from going into hiding because of tooth loss. In this piece, we’ll attempt to clear up any confusion about getting an instant denture by responding to some of the most often-asked questions about the procedure. So, you’ll be ready for the difficulties of getting used to living with immediate dentures.

What Are Immediate Dentures?

Full or partial removable dentures supported by dental implants inserted on the same day as tooth extractions are known as immediate dentures. Transitioning from natural teeth to dentures is a regular dental operation that many people prefer. With immediate dentures, you won’t have to worry about going without teeth for an extended amount of time and may leave the dentist’s office with a new smile immediately.


The Process of Getting Immediate Dentures

The first steps in getting immediate dentures are the same as those in getting any other dental work done: a review of your medical history, a clinical evaluation, and the creation of a treatment plan to ease the transition from your current situation to dentures. Dentists and denturists can help ease you into life with false teeth. Dentures have improved over the years, but you still have to learn how to use them correctly.

Before a tooth is pulled, the first step in the clinical process for immediate dentures is to make a mold of the mouth. When some of your natural teeth are still visible, immediate dentures can more closely mimic the appearance, color, and arrangement of your teeth than other forms of dentures. Schedule the tooth extraction appointment once the dentures have been made.

Denture Fitting

Before a tooth is pulled, the gum and bone structure of the patient is used to make immediate dentures. As a result, the dentures you receive are an educated guess at what the dental ridges will look like once all the teeth have been extracted. Most of the time, immediate dentures need to be changed or adjusted on the day of delivery to feel comfortable.

If there is a lot of infection at the tooth extraction site or if many teeth need to be taken out, the oral surgeon may give painkillers and maybe even an antibiotic. Taking the medication as prescribed will help speed up the healing process of your gums.

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Dentures are designed for people who suffer from gum diseases, injury, or decay. For people who are trying them for the first time, it can significantly impact their appearance. If you are concerned about how they look, let’s take a closer look into how dentures can help. 

Acclimating to your new dentures, whether complete or partial, is a progression rather than a stop. Your journey will be unique and unparalleled. Remember that you’re still recovering after surgery. Most people feel better each day after surgery, and most get better within a week. However, depending on the number of teeth removed, your overall health, and your immune system, full recovery might take anywhere from four months to a year after extractions.

An immediate denture works like a bandage in that it protects hurt tissues and reduces the chance of more bleeding. Dentists usually tell patients with new instant dentures to wait between 24 and 48 hours before taking them out for the first time. This is due to the swelling of the gum tissue following oral surgery. Taking out your dentures too soon after treatment can cause uncomfortable places to become inflamed and prevent you from adequately reinserting them.

After a few days, you should clean your new dentures with your brush before sleeping to give your gum tissues a break and speed up the healing process. Expect to return to the dentist’s office frequently for modifications, and temporary relines to improve their fit and comfort and maintain your gums healthily since the architecture of your ridge undergoes various changes for several months after tooth removal.

The first few days after getting dentures, most people feel like they have something the size of a shoe in their mouth, and they drool a lot. The body will readjust, so don’t worry.

In the case of immediate dentures, you can begin developing your speech habits right once. You won’t have to go through the trouble of mastering speech without teeth and relearning it with false teeth. While an instant denture makes it easier to chew than “gumming it” with no teeth, eating a soft foods diet after surgery is recommended for optimal denture learning. Eventually, you’ll regain your ability to chew and eat solid foods.

Immediate dentures are often the first time a patient has ever worn dentures; thus, after the adjustment phase, they tend to get comfortable with them. When it’s time for new dentures, they often resist parting with the old ones. But immediate dentures are the ultimate in short-term solutions; they were meant to last only a year.

When the gums have healed, the immediate dentures are removed, and new dentures are put in place. Dentists or denturists can use this opportunity to create dentures that look and feel more natural, last longer, and provide superior support for your natural teeth and gums.

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