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We're Proud to Support Our Community through Nonprofit Work

Gracious Smiles NW

Donating Denture Services to the Residents of Washington County in Oregon

There is a significant need for quality denture services in Washington County. Many residents simply cannot afford the care they need for proper health & well-being. At Gracious Smiles NW, we believe that we can make a difference one patient at a time! That’s why our team of dental professionals donates time every month to help an individual in need. We truly offer Gracious Smiles to our community!


Gracious Smiles NW Patient Candace Before and After

Meet Candace,
A Gracious Smiles NW Success Story

Just look at that beautiful new smile!  You’d never know that Candace struggled for decades with her natural teeth.  Although she took good care of her dental hygiene, her teeth failed her over time.  Candace ultimately suffered from tooth loss due to a side effect from a prescription medication.  Needless to say, Candace’s self-esteem was greatly affected from this as well. In her words, she just didn’t smile anymore.

Then tragedy hit with the loss of her husband, leaving her without a support system other than welfare.  Thankfully, Dr. Nevills from Slater & Nevills Family Dentistry, advocated for Candace to be accepted to the Donated Dental Program.  This is how the Cain Denture Center became involved with Candace’s story!

Candace was blessed with a wonderful interdisciplinary team of fine professionals that donated their care to transform her life.  Sunset Oral Surgery performed the full-mouth extractions and Maddy from the Cain Denture Center went to work crafting her a set of new dentures.

The end result for Candance was a transformational experience!  Her providers coached her through the immediate denture process, successfully calming her nerves and doubts.  Maddy worked from photographs of her natural smile when she felt she looked like her authentic self and the results speak for themselves!

“I can behave like my normal, bubbly self again!I’ve regained my life and freedom to smile and enjoy being around my friends and family!”

Our positive experience with Candace inspired us to start Gracious Smiles NW.  Our mission is to provide the transformation that Candace experienced to more Washington County residents that otherwise would have to go without proper denture care.


Offer a Professional Setting & Quality Dental Services

Curate Dental Care with a Team of Caring Professionals

We are motivated to help transform the life of a qualified individual in our community by providing a smile that they would not otherwise have access to.

Gracious Smiles NW is a non-profit organization that selects a new patient each month to donate our denture services to.  We are motivated to help transform the life of a qualified individual by providing a smile that they otherwise would not have access to.  As a 501c3, Gracious Smiles NW is able to offer donation receipts to our participating partners in the dental industry.

If you are a dental practice within Washington County, please contact us if you have a patient that could benefit from this collaboration.


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