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Can I Replace Some of My Partial Denture’s Teeth?

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Many people who have removable partial dentures wonder if they can have replacement teeth added to their appliances. Nobody enjoys thinking about needing a new denture to replace missing teeth. However, replacing a denture or living with toothlessness is usually not necessary.

The Good News

The question of whether or not it is possible to add teeth to an existing denture has a simple answer: absolutely! With very few exceptions, adding teeth to a detachable partial denture is a simple procedure.

Dentures made of acrylic, chromium, and even flexible materials like Thermosens can have additional teeth fitted to them if their designs allow it. However, because of their pliability and the bonding challenges this causes, most flexible polymers like Valplast will not permit structural alterations. Additional welding may be necessary for some chrome dentures. Sending the denture to a chromium lab is a common cause of delay. Your dentist will decide.

Why would you need tooth additions?

Adding replacement teeth to a partial denture is “tooth addition.” Adding teeth to your partial denture is done to fill up spaces caused by missing teeth after having teeth extracted or losing teeth due to an accident.

Teeth addition after extraction

When your dentist has decided which tooth or teeth need to be pulled, they will provide you with a treatment plan that includes the tooth numbers. The dentist will utilize the information in the treatment plan to make any necessary adjustments to your denture before fitting it to you following tooth extraction.

How long before my denture has new teeth attached to it?

Adding new teeth to your partial denture is a simple process that may be completed in a single day. Two separate appointments are required at each end of the day. Extraction appointments with your dentist can be made for the day or the day following you pick up your modified denture with your new tooth addition if you’re getting an instant denture. 

This will allow your dentist to begin fitting the denture following the extraction quickly. The prosthetic denture aids in healing by preventing further bleeding and preventing the wound site from becoming infected. In addition, the period spent toothless is quite brief. Remember that you won’t be able to use the denture once the tooth has been added because the extraction process must first be completed.

You might also wait for the tooth socket to heal before fitting your denture. Depending on your age, general health, and the number of teeth that need to be extracted, this could take anywhere from two to four weeks. You will get new teeth added to your partial denture when this time has passed.

When removing front teeth

Patients are most worried about how they will look after having their anterior (front) teeth extracted. They choose to get their denture fitted with the new teeth additions right after the extractions so that they don’t have to look “gummy” for any longer than is necessary. In addition to keeping your “smile line” intact, you won’t have to go without a denture for two to four weeks while your gums heal.

Removing ‘clasped’ back teeth

When a denture is placed over a patient’s gums and natural teeth, the denture is said to be “clasped” onto the gums and teeth. To keep your denture in place after losing a back tooth that it was clasped to, you will need to get temporary teeth and reposition the clasp immediately. After a tooth has been extracted, the clasp must be repositioned so that it anchors to an adjacent natural tooth. The implanted tooth now fills the missing space created by the removed tooth. If the tooth being clasped is removed without the clasp being moved, the denture will no longer be secure.

When removing unclasped back teeth

But if you’ve had teeth in the rear of your mouth taken and they aren’t needed for holding clasps in place, you may find that giving the sockets a couple of weeks to heal and your gums to recede is a good idea.

Wrap Up!

It is possible to add teeth to a preexisting partial denture. You, your prosthetist, and your dentist can greatly improve your chances of a problem-free experience by working together. Don’t forget to update your prosthetist on your dental health. In the long run, this can help you save money and reduce the time you have to go without your dentures.

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