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Can Dentures Be Repaired?

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Can broken dentures be repaired?

When a denture cracks, the first question that comes to mind is frequently, “Can dentures be repaired?” Your denture can usually be fixed.

You’re probably thinking, “How soon can my denture be fixed?”  Again, if the crack is small, your denture can usually be returned the same day.

Everything has sounded great thus far, but how much would it set me back to fix my dentures? Let’s start by digging into the underlying meaning of your three most pressing inquiries.

Which dentures can be repaired?

Simple breaks

You just cracked, or even worse, shattered, your acrylic denture when you dropped it on the lavatory floor. Disaster! although not beyond repair. Your denture can be fixed by gluing, milling, and polishing it, as long as you can put the broken edges back together neatly. Furthermore, there is no requirement for first impressions here.

The exceptions

If you have a partial denture and a tooth falls out, you may need an imprint, which often requires an appointment. Due to the need for exact positioning of the replacement tooth, this only applies when the damaged tooth is next to a normal tooth. However, imprints are not required if the damaged tooth is located between artificial teeth. Your denture may not look perfect, but it can be fixed. If a piece of a denture broke off and got lost, new impressions would have to be made.

On the other hand, dentures made from some thermoplastics provide a few additional challenges. The flexible and strong Thermoses dentures can be fixed if necessary, but this is usually not the case. You can replace a lost or broken tooth. If a clasp or movable part breaks, a replacement denture will be necessary.

Broken or lost teeth

It’s easy to fix broken or chipped teeth in a denture, bringing it back to full functionality. Wear and tear over time is usually to blame when dentures crack or teeth chip and fall out. Regular care of your dentures is the only way to avoid these disasters and get more use.

Can ill-fitting or loose dentures be repaired?

If your dentures are loose, your prosthetist will likely prescribe a denture reline as part of routine denture maintenance. If your denture no longer fits securely, try applying a lining to the inside area where it meets your mouth and gums.

In addition to making people feel better about themselves and making it easier to eat and talk, teeth that fit well are less likely to break. When eating hard or crunchy foods, it’s important to keep your bite steady so your teeth don’t break and your gums don’t get sore. Having your dentures checked once a year will help you avoid embarrassing situations with loose or ill-fitting dentures.

‘Prevention beats treatment’

The takeaway message is to have your dentures checked once a year to ensure no cracks have formed. As you age, your mouth naturally changes, which could cause your dentures to become looser and move around when you chew. This puts uneven stress on the dentures and makes them more likely to break or get damaged.

If a denture is properly repaired, it will only break again in the same place if it does not fit properly in the mouth or is subjected to stresses it was not designed to withstand. Doing a little preventive maintenance now can save you from having to do a lot of painful repairs later.

How long will it take to repair my denture?

Knowing how long it will take to fix your denture is second only to knowing if it can be fixed. In most cases, fixing your dentures will take, at most, a day. Give the clinic your dentures first thing in the morning, and they will return them to you late in the day. It could take as little as four hours if only minor adjustments need to be made.

What factors determine how quickly I receive my dentures?

If you break the clasp or any other metal component, your cobalt-chromium denture must be re-welded in a dental lab. In this scenario, you should expect to receive your dentures back in the mail in three to five business days, give or take, depending on the severity of the damage.

Same-day service is available if only the acrylic component of your denture needs fixing. The time it takes to get your denture back could be affected by the need for an appointment to take impressions.

Common kinds of denture damage needing repair

  • Splits, cracks, and chipping appear in the acrylic base
  • Chipped tooth
  • Denture loses a tooth
  • Separation of dental acrylic and tooth
  • The metal clasp falls apart
  • Loss of cobalt clasp

How much will the denture repair cost?

When fixing your dentures, the cost is your third top concern. Depending on the damage, a denture repair can cost anywhere from $100 to $180. The exact amount required to repair the damage is situationally dependent. Additional fees may apply if additional work is required, such as replacing a tooth or a clasp or taking imprints.

Denture repair payment options

Stress over money is an added stressor when a denture breaks. Fortunately, most denture clinics provide other payment methods to help patients deal with the financial strain of making money for a one-time investment like denture repairs.

Wrap up

We cannot stress enough how important it is to have your dentures checked every year to avoid the hassle and expense of repairs. Dentures that don’t fit properly can be painful to wear, make you self-conscious, and even break more easily. You should see your dental prosthetist once a year, or more frequently if your dentures feel loose, to keep your teeth and gums in good shape and your wallet full.

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