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Can Cracked Dentures Be Repaired?

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Imagine enjoying a delightful meal with your family when suddenly, you feel an unexpected shift in your mouth. That faithful denture you’ve relied upon for so many years has cracked. Panic sets in. Can it be repaired, or is it time for a costly replacement? 

Dentures, though durable, are not indestructible. Like many other dental devices, they’re prone to wear and tear over time. At Cain Denture Centers, located in the heart of Hillsboro, Oregon, we frequently encounter patients concerned about their cracked or broken dentures. The good news? Many of these damaged dentures can indeed be restored to their former glory. But how do you determine which cracks are fixable and which are not? Let’s delve into the world of denture repairs.

  1. Simple breaks

Dentures that suffer from straightforward fractures or minor breaks can often be repaired quite effectively. Such cracks might occur from natural wear, an accidental drop, or biting into something hard. These straightforward repairs involve rejoining the broken pieces. The process is meticulous, preserving the denture’s original shape and fit. With the advancements in dental repair materials and techniques, many of these simple breaks can be fixed within a day, restoring your smile in no time.

  1. The exceptions

Not all dentures can be mended, unfortunately. If your denture has been repeatedly broken at the same spot or has multiple intricate cracks, the structural integrity may be too compromised for a reliable repair. Another challenging scenario is if the denture has been warped – for example, if it’s been accidentally left in a hot environment. Such cases might require a replacement rather than a repair. However, every situation is unique. It’s crucial to have a professional at Cain Denture Centers evaluate the extent of the damage to provide the best course of action.

  1. Lost or broken teeth

It’s not uncommon for a tooth to break off from a denture or become loose over time. Thankfully, this is another repairable scenario in most cases. The process involves affixing the dislodged tooth back onto the denture base or securing a new replacement tooth if the original tooth is lost. The key is ensuring a seamless integration with the existing denture so it looks natural and provides optimal functionality. This process, while intricate, is often completed swiftly, meaning you won’t be without your full smile for long.

How long will it take to repair my denture?

The duration of a denture repair largely depends on the nature and extent of the damage. Simple repairs, like a minor fracture or reattaching a dislodged tooth, can often be completed within a day. However, more complex damages, such as those requiring re-lining or re-basing, might necessitate a slightly longer timeframe. At Cain Denture Centers, we prioritize returning your denture promptly without compromising the quality of the repair. Rest assured, our experts will provide an estimated timeline during your consultation.

What can affect how quickly I get my dentures back?

Several factors can influence the repair turnaround time. The complexity of the repair is primary. Additionally, timelines can impact the volume of repairs at the center, the availability of necessary materials or replacement parts, and whether the repair requires collaboration with an external dental lab. It’s always recommended to schedule your repair, ensuring Cain Denture Centers can dedicate focused time to your denture’s restoration.

Your dentures are vital in your daily life, influencing everything from your confidence in social interactions to enjoying your favorite foods. Ensuring they are in optimal condition isn’t just about aesthetics but quality of life. While accidents and wear-and-tear are natural, addressing issues promptly and professionally can save you from prolonged discomfort and potential added expenses. Cain Denture Centers is dedicated to delivering expert care and guidance at every stage of your denture journey. 

Whether you’ve encountered a small crack or a more significant issue, trust the experts. Your smile, after all, is one of your most valuable assets. Cherish it, protect it, and always seek the expertise of dedicated professionals like us at Cain Denture Centers when in doubt. Your oral health deserves nothing less.

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