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Adjusting to Dentures: The First 30 Days

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Getting used to your new immediate dentures will take some time. At the Cain Denture Centers, we understand that this process can initially be intimidating.

Immediate dentures are created before a patient’s teeth are extracted and are placed immediately after the extraction. One advantage is that you can keep using your teeth. Patients are typically told to keep their dentures in for a full day when getting teeth extracted. The denture can be removed, cleaned, and put back in your mouth when this time has elapsed. For the first week or so, it’s best to sleep in the denture every night. You may easily remove them, wash them, and replace them. After the first week or two, taking out your denture at night to rest your gums is highly recommended.

Adjustments you should prepare for;

Bleeding Gums and Sore Spots

It’s natural to have discomfort with a denture, and your denturist can make adjustments as needed. Until you can get in to visit your denturist, you can alleviate the pain by temporarily going without the denture if the uncomfortable patches become too severe to bear. It’s also typical for bone chips to emerge and go periodically within the first six months. The denture can be readjusted, and in certain circumstances, a trip to the dentist will be necessary to remove the broken pieces of bone.

Gum Shrinking and Denture Shifting

Your denture may fit initially, but your gums will shrink as they heal. The denture will become unsteady as a result. For the first six months after getting your dentures from the Mile Zero Denture Clinic, we’ll add two liners at no extra charge. While your gums recover, these liners will “tighten” your denture. Healing of the gums often takes around a year. Once the temporary liners have been removed, a new impression taken, and the denture re-fitted to the gums, we can call the reline permanent (this is a separate fee). Dentures must be relined about once every two years because your gums constantly shrink. Dentures must be replaced every 5–8 years due to natural tooth deterioration.

Extreme Salivation

In the start, your body will begin the digestive process by causing you to drool heavily. In time, your body will adjust to having the denture in your mouth, and you will produce less saliva.

Regaining Your Natural Voice

Because your tongue isn’t in its permanent position for making sounds, you’ll lisp at first. The process may take some time, but reading aloud and practicing with challenging texts will assist. What they say about practice making perfect is true. The denturist may need to adjust the denture’s thickness if the lisping persists.


Even eating will be difficult. Again, this should get better with time and experience. You should gradually work your way up from softer to more solid foods. Take your time and enjoy your meal by chopping it into bite-sized pieces. You won’t be able to rip pieces of food off. If you can’t use your teeth, you might have to cut up apples or sandwiches instead of biting into them. 

Even if it hurts to eat because you just had teeth pulled, remember that this is part of a process that will take time to heal and get used to. You can try chewing tougher food after your initial temporary reline. If your chewing does not improve after a while, you should see your denturist for an adjustment.

Everyone’s experience with getting used to their new set of immediate dentures will differ because of the variety of situations and mouth types. Cain Denture Centers will be there for you either way as you learn to live with dentures. The first time you get dentures can be an exciting and rewarding experience.

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