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Deciding if dentures are right for you– and when to get them– can be a hard choice for many.

The professionals at Cain Denture Centers in Hillsboro, Oregon are well accustomed to sitting down with our patients and offering them options and advice. We know that the world of dentures is almost always brand-new territory!

We’ve noticed our patients especially struggle with the decision of when to get dentures when they still have remaining teeth– dentures are for the toothless, right? Wrong.

As a matter of fact, partial dentures can play an important role in keeping your remaining teeth healthy– in addition to preserving the health of your mouth.

These are called: partial dentures.

What are partial dentures?

partial dentures in hillsboro oregonPartial dentures are a great option when one or more teeth remain on a section of a dental arch, and they can be removable or fixed.

Removable partial dentures feature a “bridge” of replacement teeth and a plastic base that looks like natural gum tissue. This bridge utilizes a metal framework to hold itself in place and fill in space between remaining natural teeth with the dentures.

A fixed bridge also fills the space between natural teeth– this time by using a crown that will be fixed to the top of the remaining teeth cementing the denture bridge between them. This type of denture is not easily removable.

Why partial dentures?

There are so many reasons to consider partial dentures. One of the most important is a complete, confident smile. Missing teeth can make a significant impact on your self-esteem and actually lead to smiling less– which something we wouldn’t wish on anyone, least of all our patients!

In addition to smiles, a whole set of teeth makes chewing way easier and more efficient. Patients with new dentures benefit a lot from better digestion, and from the nutrients and minerals that they’re now more able to absorb.

Partial Dentures and Bone Density

Partial dentures play a valuable role in maintaining bone density. How? Well, bones are constantly breaking themselves down and building themselves back. Despite its static appearance to our eyes, bone is actually quite a dynamic tissue– there’s a lot going on! Bones receive signals to grow via little muscle movement and small stresses– like your teeth chomping together. In fact, the bones in your jaw are signaled to grow and remain strong by the tiny blows of your teeth lightly knocking each other when you talk or chew.

When those teeth are missing, bone doesn’t get the signal to keep building itself. When it doesn’t get the signal to grow, bone allows its tissues to be resorbed and thus used elsewhere in the body– but we don’t want our jaw bones to be resorbed! That’s why partial dentures are so important.

Many patients mistakenly believe that because they have natural teeth remaining, they don’t need dentures— but a whole, happy smile is critical for both self-esteem and health. Call to schedule an appointment in Hillsboro now and find out what denture options are right for you.

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