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Relines and Repairs


Over time, the fit and retention of a denture can become progressively looser due to changes in the mouth, and normal wear and tear of the denture. A reline is the recommended procedure when this begins to happen. A reline involves a multi-step impression process, followed by a few hours of dental clinic lab work to place a fresh lining of acrylic denture material to the tissue side of the denture. This assures a tighter fit to the tissue and a more functional denture.


The Cain Dentures Centers, your dentures in Portland experts, we have a full service, in-house dental clinic lab, so in the event of a fracture in your denture and/or missing or broken denture teeth, we can accommodate same day repair service. In many cases we can even repair your dentures while you wait! Call our office for an appointment and an estimated cost.

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