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Full Dentures

A full set of dentures is also called a replacement set. They can come in a pair, both the maxillary and mandibular arches, or perhaps one or the other in the event that a denture patient still has some remaining natural teeth on either arch. Denture patients would need a set of full dentures if they already wear dentures and simply need a replacement set. Our Portland denture clinicians have been trained in the Staub Cranial System to achieve successful retention, function and aesthetics per denture. Our denture teeth look completely natural and are set in fully balanced occlusion to provide better chewing. We also specialize in multi-step impression techniques to accomplish superior retention.


Immediate dentures are sometimes referred to as “temporary” dentures. They are used when an individual first has his natural teeth surgically extracted. After the teeth have been removed, the denture is immediately placed in the mouth. This application serves as an important step in healing process of the tissue, and it allows the patient to never be without teeth.

Since a tremendous amount of change occurs to the oral tissue from the time of extraction to several months down the road, our denture clinic staff continuously works with denture patients to provide numerous adjustments to the dentures, and to soft tissue conditioning liners that accommodate the dentures when they begin to feel loose. As the name implies, “temporary” dentures are designed to assist the changing structures of the mouth for only a limited time.

Approximately 6 months after surgery, the patient’s bone and tissue has healed sufficiently enough to perform the final reline treatment. This process involves a series of technical impressions to the appliances as a fresh new layer of acrylic material is added to the denture bases, ensuring maximum functionality and comfort.

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