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Dental Implants vs. Dentures

Have you lost one or more of your teeth? Perhaps you feel embarrassed or even self-conscious about your smile. Many people who have lost their teeth stop smiling out of fear of being judged.Some people even shut their mouth when laughing for this very reason. Missing teeth can cast a dark shadow over ones livelihood. It can also cause other health and social problems, like difficulty and discomfort while eating and even speaking.

The Pros and Cons with Dentures

Dentures, are removable fake teeth, They have long been the provided solution for anyone missing teeth. Medical advances have come a long way since the early days of bone and ivory dentures. Today choices are more fast. Dentures are held in place in the mouth with the use of a fixative, such as an adhesive paste. Applying these into the mouth is generally not a comfortable experience.

Dentures will often slip around and move in the mouth, which will cause even more discomfort and embarrassment. Dental implants offer another option and some say superior alternative to dentures. They are the modern-day solution to people with missing teeth. But we feel the advances in dentures have improved greatly over the past decade. From the best choice in affordable dentures Portland, Oregon has to our many other options Cain Denture Centers can hep find the solution for your needs.

Unlike dentures, which provide a fake teeth, dental implants are actual replacement to natural missing teeth. They are secured in the gum or jaw where they serve as an anchor for a dental crown, and this method of placement makes them very strong. Implants will not slip or move, which will eliminate the embarrassment and discomfort that is often associated with dentures. But they could cost a lot more.

At The Cain Denture Centers, we are a full service denture clinic and laboratory. This means that we handcraft all or our work right here at our in-house denture clinic. The Clinician that performs your work chair-side will be the same individual to fabricate your dentures.

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